The Cost of A Blog Post - Explained

$250? $500? $1,000? Keep Reading to Find OUt the ANswer...

How much should invest in your company's blog? Should you hire an in-house writer? Should you outsource it? Will you really see results from this sales tactic? Or, should you just spend more money on paying for leads? Is blogging dead?

These are all valid questions. And, in some form or another, you may have searched for the answers to these questions online. 

So what's the million dollar answer? Yes, you should be investing in weekly blogs to grow your organic traffic, increase your ranking on google searches, and avoid paying for low-qualified leads. 

And what it comes to the cost, it's like anything else. You pay for what you get. A poorly written blog post can cost between $5-50. And an expert written one can cost between $1,000-2,000. 

It's important to keep in mind that a single (and poorly written) blog post won't deliver the results you want: more qualified leads. There's an art form when it comes to writing blog articles that will be indexed by popular search engines like Google.

That's why it's recommended to pay for an experienced writer in this field. 

Publishing consistent articles that build trust with your audience, answers their questions, and showcases your business's services are the key components to ranking on the first page of search results. 

How To Find A Writer

Finding a writer can be a challenge. You can hire someone from Fiverr and hope you get a decent article. You can have someone in-house to write articles, but this can be expensive! Finding the right candidate, on-boarding them, new employee costs.... it all adds up very quickly. 

More and more companies are turning to outsource their blogging articles to a content marketing agency. 

Content market agencies are highly skilled in performing an SEO analysis and writing keyword-densed articles. And, above all, they are more cost effective in the long-run! 

By outsourcing this task, you'll be able to get consistent articles added to your website and your team can focus on other projects and daily responsibilities. 

How Many Articles Are Recommended Per Week 

It's recommended to post at least one article per week. But, the more high-quality articles you regularly post, the more you'll see a boost in traffic to your website.

Studies show that websites who post more than 3 articles per week can see an increase up to 2,000% in organic traffic. 
In conclusion, it's worth every penny to pay for high-quality articles. And, if you're looking for a content marketing agency, then consider using our Content Builder Services. We offer monthly packages to deliver weekly high-quality articles. 

For more information, schedule a FREE consultation with Michael Brenner to discuss our Content Builder Services. 

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a
Content Agency

  •  Consistency creates trust. There's no better way to prove your an expert at something than constantly posting relevant articles that showcase your skill set. 
  • They have the experience. There's an art to writing keyword-dense articles that will get ranked by popular search engines. Writers in this field have been trained to compose articles in a unique, engaging, and informative manner. 
  •  It's cheaper. Onboarding a highly-skilled copywriter can be expensive and can take away productivity time from your other marketing projects. It may more financial sense to hire a trained agency to produce weekly articles so that your team can focus on other projects.
  • ​Get more than just articles. Many agencies will deliver the full-service. This includes performing an SEO analysis, coming up with content ideas, writing articles, publishing articles, and tracking all the metrics. 

Why Choose Our Content Builder Services
For over 10 years, we've helped Fortune 500 companies expand their reach and increase website traffic to their website. Get started today with a blog writing service. 
  • Full Service Agency - We'll create a customized content marketing strategy for you, write articles, and report on all the metrics. We'll even train your team to learn how to calculate the ROI on our articles. 
  • ​Monthly Contracts start at $3,000/month for one article per week which equates to $750 per article. 
  • ​Feel Confident with our Expert Writers - Our writers have a proven track record of success. They will research any niche or business and write quality articles. 
    • BONUS: CONTENT MARKETING WORKSHOP - Every package includes a virtual half day workshop to train your team on the in's and out's of an effective content marketing strategy. 
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